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Friday, May 15, 2009

i walk around the world

Mood: friday afternoon
Music: Thank You For Sending Me An Angel; by Talking Heads

Proving once again how little effort I put into my own works, it was left to the relative of my girlfriend to make a facebook goup for the Wrong Band. This is the kind of thing it just never occurs to me to do, in much the same way that I rarely speak of this comic in a social context. In any event, here, join us:

Fans of the Wrong Band

Through this you can find me on facebook, and discover how little effort I put into that as well.

Ending Music: Bryn; by Vampire Weekend
The Wrong Band webcomic news

Monday, December 08, 2008

i like this way just fine

Mood: good
Music: For Real; by Okkervil River

Here's one of those comics that I like everything about. My new-ish drawing table serves me well when I'm doing these. The clip lamp illuminates, the inks just fall into place, and it all turns out great.

I actually love that table. I've been using it to do design work for a future project, and I swear it has been charmed by the good art fairy.

And, oh, look, it's that rarest of creatures, almost never spotted in the wild, Wrong Band fan art, coming to us courtesy of Dave Warren:

Everyone loves Alan, and why shouldn't they? He's quite lovable.

Ending Music: Graceland; by Paul Simon
The Wrong Band webcomic news

Monday, September 29, 2008

cold metal touching skin

Mood: moderate pain
Music: Straight Lines; by Suzanne Vega

So, uh, there's not gonna be any comics for a little while do to an injury. It's not terribly serious, but it did involve a trip to the ER, and does involve my drawing hand, so I have to wait for moderate healing to be achieved before I can draw again. I'd guess a week or two, based on when they said the stitches could come out.

Friday night I had a dream that McCain won the election. You know, a nightmare. The way this was communicated to me in the dream was me asking my brother, "Who won the election?" His response: "The criminal."

Ending Music: Neighborhood #3 (Power Out); by the Arcade Fire